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A complete Insurance firm for commercial and personal insurance needs. With over 50 companies to choose from, we will customize plans that are right for you with the most up to date features and benefits and the value you deserve. When your insurance policy renews or if you have had enough now, contact us to see why our clients trust and stay with IBA. Dedicated to our people in Nashville, Tennessee and across America since 1989.

Our Experience

 20 + years of Insurance and Financial Sales and Service!

Why Us?

Since 1989, our professionals have been helping clients and insurance agencies grow and prosper. We have helped establish and grow non performing agencies with State Farm and Nationwide to President Club status. We have seen where these insurance agencies have to many agents and not enough service, as well as to much service and not enough agent. We provide more than a product and a bill every year. We are a proactive agency that makes sure you are rate adequate on every renewal. If we see your premiums are not in line, we have systems designed to let us know it, and not pray you don't call us. We promote and welcome analysis of your coverage and rates.

Today, we have taken these years of experience and developed a model that allows us to provide the right mix of agent to service for our clients that is unrivaled. We have also established the IBA Network of businesses that helps not only control insurance risk and cost, but we also promote and advertise for our clients.  Just think of it, an insurance firm that actually markets your business, as well as protects it from risk and does more than just provide a place to collect your premiums and sell you more insurance. Ask us for a Free Insurance and Business Analysis today and see why our clients choose IBA.